Ultimate optical solutions

Your consultation with your specialist ExamVision dealer is an opportunity to achieve the best possible optical solution for your loupes, both in the oculars and in the carrier lenses.

Carrier lens solutions - 100% customized

Monofocal carrier lenses

Also called Single Vision lenses, which correct for only one distance. If they correct for far distance, the user’s eyes must accommodate to see clearly up close. For young eyes (under 40) this is easy, but the ability to accommodate declines with age, and some may need an adjusted correction for near/intermediate distances, or alternatively use a bifocal or multifocal lens.

Bifocal Straight line lenses

Bifocals have two prescriptions, one for distance at the top and one for near or intermediate vision below. The traditional bifocal straight line is a lens with a visible dividing line. This is a conventional solution for presbyopic needs (i.e. when you need reading glasses).

Bifocal Duoline lenses

This new generation of bifocal lenses offers surface continuity, eliminating the visible line described in the straight line lenses above. This type of lens is a hybrid between a classic bifocal and a pro-gressive lens. It has a smaller near field than the straight line, but can be a more aesthetically ap-pealing bifocal solution.

Multifocal lenses

Multifocal lenses (also called progressive lenses) combine multiple optical powers in the same lens, without any visible lines. With multifocal lenses you can do away with swapping your glasses each time you change from one distance to another. It can take a little time for your eyes to adjust to multifocals – therefore this is normally recommended for the experienced multifocal user.

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