About Us

ExamVision is based on the tiny Danish island of Samsø, and with a population of only 4,000 we have the opportunity to do things differently. Over the past 15 years we have turned our island into one of the few places on the planet that self-generates all its own power using natural sources. At ExamVision we apply this kind of fresh thinking to our loupes. Our products are designed and manufactured using the finest materials, with the greatest precision, by people who care.

ExamVision aims to improve the way in which dentists and surgeons are able to work, and to enhance the quality of their work. Thanks to their optimised posture our customers are more relaxed and happier in their job.

ExamVision offers the perfect solution for all professionals for whom precision is paramount. For many years ExamVision has been a widely recognised name amongst those using bespoke magnifying loupes. Beautifully designed, optimal magnification, maximum sharpness and unsurpassed freedom of movement – a pleasure to work with!


Red Dot Design Award 2019

Now the fourth Red Dot award for ExamVision – this time for Kepler Advanced! Being the world’s first loupe with four magnifications in one, Kepler Advanced sets new standards for excellent optics, functionality and good ergonomics. The user can easily switch between the four magnifications ranging from 3.6x to 6.4x. Combined with a lightweight frame and loupes manufactured from titanium and carbon fibre composite, it is the ultimate versatile all-day wear tool, weighing from only 75 grams.

See press release here.

Red Dot Design Award 2014

Another award for ExamVision! Our Kepler Kompakt loupe has won our third Red Dot Design Award. The jury noted that » This loupe design successfully combines excellent optical qualities with a slim, elegant frame design.« And the feedback from our customers justifies the award. Since the launch of Kepler Kompakt in 2013, we have gained many happy customers who have switched from long prismatic loupes to the Kepler Kompakt, and now work every day in comfort.

See our product on the Red Dot Design Award website

Red Dot Award 2014

Red Dot Design Award 2012

For the second time, an ExamVision product has been awarded the Red Dot for excellent product design. Our Sports frame has won the coveted 2012 product design award. We are of course absolutely thrilled and very proud of this award, and thankful to Red Dot for acknowledging the work we do here in Denmark on innovative loupe design.

Red Dot Award 2012

Red Dot Design Award 2010

With its outstanding and innovative design, the ExamVision HD TTL 2.3 loupe impressed the jury in one of the world’s most prestigious international design competitions. In the Red Dot award: product design 2010 category, the HD TTL 2.3 was awarded the “red dot” quality label for high quality design by an expert jury.

See our product on the Red Dot Design Award website or the press release.

Logo Gazelle

Børsen Gazelle 2007, 2008, 2009 & 2014

The Danish financial newspaper, Børsen, compiles a list each year of registered companies in Denmark. Their results are analysed, and the prestigious Gazelle Award is given to companies with a turnover of at least 1 million DKK, and growth over the previous four years of over 100%.